6 Fun Things for Couples to Do on Halloween


Who doesn’t get excited for Halloween? Although it’s supposed to be the “Spooky season”, it doesn’t seem like it for most of us. In fact, it’s one of the few special days we always look forward every year. Halloween is not just for kids, it’s also for couples. Take a small break from the cheesy, sweety stuff for a while and enjoy the day. After all, Halloween happens only once a year.

Halloween Things to Do For Couples

Activities for couples to do on this spooky day.

1. Ghost Hunting

First things first, do your research. Find the nearest haunted places because we don’t want to waste time traveling. It could be as simple as an abandoned house or building a few blocks from your house. If you can’t find one, make one! You’ll never know where there’s a ghost anyway. It might also be a good idea if you bring a small bottle of holy water, a crucifix, and a prayer book- lol. Won’t hurt to be extra cautious 🙂


2. Horror/Suspense Moviethon

Check out the IMDb website and list down the movies you’ll be watching all night at the comfort of your own couch or bed. Make a list and find the best place where you can get these movies from. Either you can download them all, or watch them on Netflix. Make sure you’ve prepared all the snacks you want beforehand. We don’t want to run out of pizza, popcorn and ice cream!

3. Let’s party!

Imagine this: Halloween without the costumes. Can you even call that Halloween still? Absolutely not.

You can wear a costume just between the two of you for the laughs and atmosphere. Or you can hit a costume party. A Halloween costume party is where you will find the highest density of costumed people in a room. Dance, drink, talk, and just chill. It will be a blast!

Not sure what to wear yet? Check out these cute costumes for couples.


4. Visit the local cemetery

Of course, you’ll visit at night! Have you seen Pet Semetary or Blair Witch Project? I suggest you watch a creepy, forest-themed or graveyard-themed movie before you go. It will add paranoia to the ambiance and make you jumpy even at the slightest sound you’ll hear. To add some thrill, the two of you can play hide and seek. If you think it’s too much for you, you can ask your friends to come with you instead. Equip yourselves with a torch, and don’t forget the extra batteries!

5. Ouija board game

In film, series, or documentaries, we’ve seen what could happen with people who play the Ouija board game. Some unintentionally unleash an entity from somewhere we’ve never seen and definitely don’t want to mess with. Others claimed to be under a demonic possession of some sort. The fact is, we won’t know what’s true unless we’ve experienced it ourselves. For all we know, it may be a hoax. If you have the guts, take the dare and start playing.

Ouija Rules – ThoughtCatalog

If you decided not to play, here’s a horror movie about this scary game.

6. Tell ghost stories

Almost everyone tells hair-raising stories during Halloween. As a couple, you can have your own thing. Wear your self-made costumes and camp out somewhere in the woods or just at your backyard, have a cup of hot cocoa, and set up a bonfire for a more dramatic effect. It would be more spine-chilling if you’ll share stories of your own, personal encounters. A little pause and intonation at the right moment will help hype up the suspense. If you don’t have any personal story to share, here are some ghost stories to get you started.

At the end of the nerve-wracking day, seal it with a kiss and a surprise gift to make your bae feel you’re always there whatever happens

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