Is Long-Distance Relationship for You?

long distance relationship ldr

Being in love is magical but the magic soon starts fading out when you are in a long-distance relationship. Often couples who truly love each other like Noah and Alley from the movie “The Notebook” tend to give up on each other when they are not able to cope with their long-distance relationship. But the question is, is it really that bad? Well, the nature of a long-distance relationship clearly depends on various important factors like:

  • The amount of time you talk to each other
  • How many texts, pictures or videos you send each other in a day to serve as a reminder of your love
  • How serious you are in that specific relationship and if you are planning on keeping up with it for a long time
  • Being able to express your feelings to one another knowing that the other person will be there for you
  • Responding to each other at the right time – there is an exception if you are busy with work or something similar
  • How much effort you put in to make each other happy
  • Sending random surprises to each other even if you are far away
  • Making every good morning and goodnight text count
  • Saying no to plans with your friends who are already there with you just to talk to your boyfriend
  • committing to virtual long-distance relationship date nights

There are hundreds of similar small but important things that matter in keeping a long-distance relationship working. But the main and most important element to ponder upon is Mutual Trust. If you don’t trust each other, then reconsider staying in that relationship. Of course it is recommended that you work on the trust part because if your partner is being truly loyal to you but still you doubt them of cheating when they are not replying to your calls or text is totally wrong. If you really love your partner and they love you back with the same passion and commitment that you have for them then why waste such a beautiful relationship because of the trust issue? I would suggest that it is better to work on trusting your loyal partner rather than losing them completely because of which both suffer the consequences.

On the other hand, it is totally cool for you to feel bad, ignored or hurt when your partner is not able to give you enough time. The room for doubts increases even more when you see your partner posting on social media but getting a text from them seems challenging.

This is where your partner needs to make an effort or vice versa. You can’t expect to have a happy and healthy long-distance relationship if you are not putting in some effort.

By effort I mean that reply on time, call more often even if it is for a minute so that your partner knows that they were on your mind, be more curious to know how their day went and be a listening ear when they need you as that is when they will miss you the most.

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