Top 10 World’s Most Beautiful Vineyards

Let’s tour around top 10 world-class vineyards in different regions of the world. Be prepared to be amazed by the spectacular views and impressive wines. If you are a wine lover, these 10 spots must be on your travel list.

Drinking great wines accompanied by natural beauty, these are the best experience for your senses.  Let’s see our list of 10 world’s most beautiful vineyards and plan for your next wine tasting vacation.

worlds most beautiful vineyards | 10 World's Most Beautiful Vineyards
10 World’s Most Beautiful Vineyards

Top 10 Most Beautiful Vineyards Around the World

1. Lavaux Vineyards, Switzerland

Discover notable wines in the steep terraced vineyards stretch along the south-facing northern shores of Lake Geneva. You can check out the stunning view of this UNESCO World-Heritage by foot, bike or train.

worlds most beautiful vineyards | Louis-Philippe Bovard, Switzerland
Source: European Cellars

2. St. Emilion Vineyard, France

A visit to this old French wine chateaux will leave you coming back for more. The picturesque village of Saint-Emillion, the aroma of the wines and the ever friendly winemaker will your stay in Saint-Emillion an unforgettable one.

worlds most beautiful vineyards | St. Emilion Vineyard, France
Source: France Journeys

3. Montalcino Vineyards, Italy

Explore the prestigious Brunello wine at the hilltop town. Savor your sip of fine Italian wines while enjoying the marvelous view.

worlds most beautiful vineyards | Brunelloa di Montalcino Vineyards, Tuscany
Source: Fufluns Wine & Gourmet Tours in Tuscany

4. Napa Valley Vineyards, United States

Best-known wine region in the United States. Napa Valley has more than 400 wineries with its own unique design. The beautiful landscape, the great wines, the attractive wine-making tour of cellars and caves make sure there is something for everyone who comes to visit this valley.

worlds most beautiful vineyards | Castello di Amorosa, Napa Valley
Source: Castello di Amorosa

5. Kelowna Vineyards, Canada

Sip and savor at this charming Canadian city overlooking the Okanagan Lake. Sampling the wines, eating the locally sourced food, a hike at the vineyards, and watching the sun setting by the lake are activities that make Kelowna trip a superb one.

worlds most beautiful vineyards | Cedar Creek Vineyard, Kelowna
Source: CedarCreek Estate Winery

6. Yarra Valley Vineyards, Australia

Create beautiful wine memories from the land Down Under. The Yarra Valley is a must-visit wine producing region for the wine connoisseurs who love fine sparkling wines, exceptional Chardonnay, complex Pinot Noir and world class Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz.

worlds most beautiful vineyards | Yarra Valley Vineyards, Australia
Source: Yarra Ranges Tourism

7. Provence Vineyards, France

Located in southeast France, Provence produces top quality wines as a result of the perfect mix of mild winters and long summers. The Provence wine route takes you from the seaside to mountains and scenic villages perched up high.

worlds most beautiful vineyards | Provence Vineyards, France
Source: Domaine Saint Amant

8. Douro Valley Vineyards, Portugal

One of the most astonishing landscapes in all of Portugal. Located in the North of Portugal, Douro Valley, is one of the Europe’s great wine destinations.

worlds most beautiful vineyards | Douro Valley Vineyards, Portugal
Source: Dutched Pinay Travels

9. Mendoza Vineyards, Argentina

The vineyards in Mendoza has snow-capped Andes as the backdrop. The gorgeous weather, the amazing natural landscape, and the fantastic Argentinian wines make this mountainous region a popular destination.

worlds most beautiful vineyards | Mendoza Vineyards
Source: Decanter

10. Baden Wurttemberg Vineyards, Germany

Wurttemberg is a hilly countryside with terraced vineyards that produces mostly red wines. Steep vineyards overlooking Neckar River offers a remarkable view for travelers.

worlds most beautiful vineyards | Baden Wurttemberg Vineyards, Germany
Source: Vinous

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