9 Useful Tips for A Woman Traveling Alone

If you’re thinking of traveling on your own and you’ve never done it before, you may be overcome with fear and worry. But it is entirely possible for a woman to travel alone and still stay safe. You don’t have to speak the local language or stay in expensive resorts; you can still enjoy a safe and fantastic trip on your own. Here are some nine tips that will help a solo traveling woman stay safe. Whether you’re on a cruise or taking a road trip, you will find these tips equally helpful.

Top Solo Woman Traveler Tips

Useful tips for female travelers who are traveling alone without a companion.

Travel Tip #1: Be a confident traveler

The easiest way to get painted as an easy target while traveling on your own is to appear fearful and worried. Even if you lose your way, you want to appear attentive and assertive at all times. Is it going to be challenging? Yes. But it’ll be okay in the end. It might take some time, and you may experience some hiccups, but you’ll be fine.

Travel Tip #2: When in Rome, do as the Romans do

Sometimes avoiding trouble can be as simple as blending in with your environment. That means thinking like a local, respecting their customs, and dressing like one. Make a mental note of the local fashion and adopt the style too. It’ll help prevent you from standing out as a tourist, and it is an excellent way to immerse in the culture of your destination.

Travel Tip #3: Avoid staying out at night in a strange city

It can be hard to keep track of time, especially on long term travels. The days, weeks, and months, all tend to blur together. However, the number one rule to adhere to as a female traveling alone is to try and get to your destination before it’s nighttime. It allows you to get a view of your surroundings, stock up on supplies before it’s dark, and of course get comfortable indoors without having your luggage identify you as a tourist or a target.

Travel Tip #4: Make backup travel plans

Having a plan A, B, C, D, E and so on is never a bad idea. Sometimes you may get to your destination and find that something feels off about the place and it is making you uncomfortable. If that happens, you shouldn’t hesitate in making new accommodation plans. It’s always important to trust your instincts. And even if it ends up that you were just paranoid, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Your safety is your number one priority after all.

Travel Tip #5: Go easy on the alcohol when you travel alone

This may seem like an unusual tip, but it is one that you ought to know. It’s always a good idea to cut down on the alcohol and the parties when you’re traveling on your own. If you make a couple of friends and you go together as a group that’s fine. If you’re in the same city as an old friend and you go out for a couple of drinks, that’s fine. But going out on your own and getting wasted is not a good idea. Why tempt fate trying to get yourself safely home after a night of partying in a foreign place? The risks are just too high.

Travel Tip #6: Always keep an eye on your surroundings

Remember you’re traveling solo that means your eyes and ears are the only ones you can rely on to make sure you and your luggage is safe. It can be difficult at times (bathroom breaks are particularly challenging), but it’s better not to take any chances.

If you’re in a public space, keep your bag towards your front and zipped up all times. It may sound like too much, but then again why bother taking the risk at all.

Travel Tip #7: Be prepared for some loneliness

At some point in your travels, you’re probably going to end up feeling lonely particularly if you’re doing some long-term traveling. There is some good news, and that is you learn to deal with it after a while. One way you can cope is to pamper yourself, go for a pedicure or a manicure and just let yourself relax. You’d be surprised how much it’ll help.

Travel Tip #8: Document your journey

Social media with all of its pros and cons can be a great companion during your travels. You can keep in touch with your family and let them know how you’re doing with a couple of status updates. Upload some pictures to Instagram showing some of the beautiful sites you’ve visited. You can even create a timeline with your family before you leave home. If they don’t see any update from you every say three days, they can assume that you’re in trouble.

Travel Tip #9: Embrace every moment of it

Last but most certainly not the least is to enjoy every minute of your travel. Don’t let your fear stop you from having a real fun time. Sure, there are dangers out there, but the world is inherently filled with good people. As long as you take precautions and use your common sense, you’ll be fine as a solo female traveler.

What do you think of these traveling tips? Did you find anything useful that might help you? Let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. All good advice, I think you’re right that the world is full of good people. Just be smart but have faith in humanity

  2. SOOOO important to be aware of…it’s sad, but true. I don’t think I could ever travel alone…mostly because I’m a social animal and NEED familiar human interaction!

  3. Love this post…its so accurate as well. I will be a solo female traveler so this definitely applies to me. I have made a rule already to NEVER get drunk while traveling. I’ve done it before it and it never ends well haha. I can have a few…but just not many. If I do get drunk, I have to take myself home is my rule lol that will stop me from doing it.

  4. I’ve read many posts like these, but they never get old. Security as a female solo traveler is so important. Many people don’t know this things.

  5. Fantastic tips, they may seem logical, but always good to read them again! Love the last one the best. Enjoy the adventure, stop focusing on the fact your alone and just embrace it all!

  6. Yes! have faith in humanity! Whilst being street smart and taking in what is happening around you, it is also so beautiful to recognise that we are all human beings and have elements of compassion and most of us want a peaceful happy life! As a women this post is inspiring and courageous! Love it!

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